The MFL-3500 is the first compact, turn-key mid infrared fibre laser.

Based on the highly efficient, patented dual wavelength pumping technology, the MFL-3500 outputs up to 1 W of continuous power from a single-mode fibre, delivering reliable mid infrared light to wherever it is needed.

An automated grating allows an ultra wide tunability of up to 450 nm around 3.5 μm, enabling tuning to a variety of molecular absorption lines such as various greenhouse gases and proteins.

The MFL-3500 comes with built-in wireless remote control of all laser parameters via an app, giving you the freedom to easily control the laser from anywhere in the lab.

The MFL-3500 is a simple, turn-key solution that can be readily incorporated into any experiment requiring mid-Infrared light.

Applications include mid-IR spectroscopy, greenhouse gas sensing, atmospheric laser radar, molecular fingerprinting and polymer processing.

MFL-3500 specifications